March 31, 2004

Half an hour later, he'll just want to fast again

Chinese man aims to beat Blaine's starvation record.

I'm not sure what's more shameful, that I couldn't resist the easy joke, or that the easy joke is vaguely racist.

(No it's not, of course. "Nobody nowadays thinks, 'oh, if you eat Chinese food you're going to be hungry an hour later.' So by bringing it back, the... it ends up serving a different function now, because you don't end up laughing at Chinese people per se, you end up laughing at the fact that the society at a certain point actually believed that if you ate Chinese food, you'd be hungry an hour later." —David Henry Hwang)

Perhaps what's worst is that I've never even gotten the joke. I mean, Chinese food is so self-evidently filling. How did this myth orginate? Google had no quick answers. Speculations accepted in comments section.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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