March 21, 2004

Extreme Makeover

Welcome to Radosh.net 2.0, the first redesign of this site since I launched it in September, 2002. Back then I really thought I was going to be posting mostly about my work — freelance articles being published and such — which is why I gave it the tag line, "Your #1 Source For Daniel Radosh News and Information." (Your #2 source, of course, was my mom.) But since the site quickly became a very bloggy blog, I've taken this opportunity to come up with a more accurate (if equally unexciting) description, as suggested by the updated blogroll over to your right: "Pop. Politics. Sex. So On."

Before I expand on what those categories mean, let me point out a few other things that are new around here. Here's one that's not exactly the most important, but it seems like the bit to mention first: I now have extended posts. That means I don't have to clutter up my front page with this meta-blathering. The handful of people who are interested can read the rest by clicking "More."

It works!

As you probably figured, I'm running on Movable Type now, which is better than Blogger in every way except one (no spell check). A giant thanks to Kevin Shay, who moved the entire site out of the goodness of his heart. The new template is adapted from a piece of linkware by the discordantly named Eris Design. It's a pretty big departure from my previous dusky hue, but I'd gotten a number of complaints from people that that was hard to read, so I hope you like the new look. I have not yet redesigned my non-blog pages to match, so if you really miss the brown and midnight blue, you can find it on one of those links at the top left.

The new link on that list, you'll notice, is for my brand new RSS feed. I've joined the revolution, people. Not in time to actually be part of the revolution, but hopefully soon enough that I won't be one of the ones up against the wall.

Under the nav menu are a handful of purchasable entertainments that you can acquire if you want to enjoy what I enjoy (and give me the commission for it). Under that, also a new feature, is a brief index of earlier posts. I know, I know. You've seen blogs before. I'll shut up.

So about the new blogroll. The old one was kind of outdated, and contained a few non-blogs, which didn't really make sense. This is my current list of sites I actually check at least weekly, usually daily, often hourly. The categories are not intentionally an homage to the tagline of my former employer, they just sounded good. That's pop as in pop culture, obvs, pretty broadly defined. Politics as in mostly progressive, though I've thrown in a couple of conservatives who actually manage to turn out interesting blogs. The sex links are blogs about sex news and culture, plus a few porn blogs that have something more to offer — if only a winning personality — than standard smut fare. They should be considered not safe for work, which I'm sure I don't need to tell you. "So on" is, I admit, a bit of a dodge. But I needed another S and this seemed like one that could encompass media, religion, technology, and, um, so on.

Go visit any of these sites. I'll give you very good odds that they're better than anything you'll see here.

I expect there to be a few bugs in the new system. Please let me know if you find anything, or have any other reaction, whether strong or mild, either by e-mail or — yay! — comments.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Congrats on the news digs- I like the new look!

Nice site man! Be sure to give us all the painful details in getting this bad boy live.

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