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No Strings Attached: A Survivor's Memoir (GQ)

Star Saga: Inside the Making of the Star Saga Saga (Modern Humorist)

The PowerPoint Anthology of Literature (May Contain Nuts)

Harry Potter and the Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (Modern Humorist)

The Trendspotting Generation (GQ)

A Reluctant Poster Girl (The New Yorker)

The Pet Goat Approach (The New Yorker)

Why American Kids Don't Consider Harry Potter an Insufferable Prig (The New Yorker)

Too Young To Know: The Selling of Sassy (New York Press)

Harry Potter: The Digital Remix (Salon)

Briefing: The Decline of Circumcision (The Week)

Bone Up Your Shakespeare: A Study Guide to the Complete Porno Films of the Bard of Avon (Playboy)

It's the End of the World and the Writing is Bad (Playboy)

Let Women Compete For Best Actor (The New York Times)

Ironic (The New York Press)