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October 24, 2002

Look Ma, no editors.

Daniel Radosh

What could go wrong with a news site compiled entirely by computer algorithms? How about the following two headlines currently appearing side by side on Google News:

  • Nolte charged with using date rape drug
  • Miracle Drug Does It Again

  • October 23, 2002

    Buzz buzz

    Daniel Radosh

    Jason's fabulous, Tintin-esque comic, Bee, is finally available as a graphic novel. I say finally, because like most people with ordinary human eyes, I've never gotten the hang of reading comics online.

    October 23, 2002

    Alles klar?

    Daniel Radosh

    Music club convened last weekend for the long-awaited session of English-language songs with foreign words. Typically, people stayed away from the most obvious. Surprise pick of the month would have to go Elizabeth, whose choice (Lush Life) contains only a single foreign word, and one that appears in some English dictionaries at that. I guess we were in a forgiving mood. The final lineup:

    1. Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel
    2. Ping Pong - Stereolab
    3. Circumstances - Rush
    4. Der Kommisar - After The Fire
    5. Manana (Is Soon Enough For Me) - Peggy Lee
    6. Spanish Grease - Willie Bobo
    7. Rafiki - Zap Mama with Black Thought & ?uestlove
    8. Lush Life - John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman
    9. The Waters Of March - Susannah McCorkle

    Our next theme is already shaping up to be a cantankerous one: Cover songs that are better than the original. We got a sneak preview when Gina Sue said that everyone was going to bring All Along The Watchtower, and Anthony and I flipped out at the thought that anyone could think Hendrix's garish rendition is an improvement on Bob's subtle masterpiece. Anyway, there are some big questions to consider. Do I choose a good version of a song that I find unlistenable in the original? Or do I go with a cover that improves on an already great original? I've already decided to rule out show tunes and popular standards, which almost by definition exist to be endlessly revisited and improved. Other than that, I'm open to suggestions.

    October 22, 2002

    Traffic, baby!

    Daniel Radosh

    The PowerPoint anthology got metafiltered, bringing Radosh.net literally several new readers. Just for them, the writing archive is now slightly less barren than it had been.

    October 9, 2002

    The PowerPoint Anthology of Literature.

    Daniel Radosh

    The PowerPoint Anthology of Literature. Great works distilled to their essence and presented in the most efficient form of communication ever devised. Originally seen at the Little Gray Book Lecture series. Now a Radosh.net exclusive (no thanks to Playboy, Esquire, Fortune, Business 2.0 and Slate, all of which deemed it unsuitable for publication). It took me forever to get it online, so enjoy the heck out of it!

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