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April 10, 2010

Jon Stewart Confirms Anti-Cap Tendencies

al in la

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Maybe it's the "Radosh Factor." The founder and absentee-owner of this blog, Daniel Radosh, is now a writer at The Daily Show, While his boss may or may not submit entries to the Anti-Cap contest (which was also hatched by Daniel), there was an implied endorsement.of the concept (the next best thing to an actual mention) During a recent interview with the editor of The New Yorker, Jon Stewart said that every week for the past year he has submitted the same caption: "Well, Obama DID promise change." (Sorry, the "change" got cropped out in the photo. No metaphor intended.) Even though he most assuredly was just bustin' the guy's balls, It was a great moment and I can't help but think Daniel had a hand in it. It certainly qualifies Jon Stewart as an honorary Anti-Capper. Go here to find out what it means and why you should care. --al in la


... and Radosh DID promise change when he went to work for The Daily Show

This contest will someday be named in my honor.

fuck the daily show.

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