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March 15, 2010

Well, that was disappointing

Jim Donahue

NY Times Self-Censorship Watch, from this weekend's article on the Runaways:

The Runaways' classic hit from their four-year career is the 1976 jailbait anthem "Cherry Bomb"; the quintet's combative sexuality -- surprising for rock at the time -- seemed to both alienate and titillate audiences. Though they were talented musicians who helped write their songs and were ferocious live, they were often written off as a slutty, manufactured novelty act by the dude-dominated '70s rock press and heckled by male musicians, even those they appeared with. (Creem magazine infamously dismissed them with three unprintable words.)

Ooooo! The '70s! I bet it was REALLY dirty!

Well, Google should help me find out what they were ...

"These bitches suck"? That's it?

Only two unprintable words, not three. And only if you're a pussy.


Actually it's just one unprintable word -- if anything, 'bitch' is overused by the Times.

Historical revisionism is taking place by seeing the time through the prism of the Orwellian society we have today.

"[T]he 1976 jailbait anthem 'Cherry Bomb'" should read "the 1976 revolutionary anthem 'Cherry Bomb'".

"Slutty", is more a Reagan-era and beyond social balkanization stratagem. In the Sixties to mid-Seventies era of Sex Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll, we viewed the free love flower children as beautiful, not anathema.

Nixon needed a war on drugs to cement an imperial presidency, but Gerald R. Ford was obsessed about foisting a war on sex and porn. He used to hold news conferences and display graphic pornography to the news cameras, but it wasn't until Ford attained the presidency and set up the neocons such as George H.W. Bush, as CIA Director, and Rumsfeld as Ford's Secretary of Defense, and Cheney as Ford's Chief of Staff, that the neocons were sufficiently in place to begin to put many radical cultural paradigm-shifts through.

It is quite ironic then, that Cathy O———Brien (Trans-Formation of America {1995}), and others accused Ford of being an "extremely sadistic sexual pervert and organized crime boss involved in drug trafficking, human sex slave trafficking and child pornography." A hypocrite?

While the New York Times did give us the the breaking initial disclosure of the first installment of excerpts from the Dr. Daniel Ellsberg Pentagon Papers in June of 1971, (which they immediately halted printing of, upon receiving a court order), and also in 1971, the New York Times published a story on the CIA's occult research for mind control purposes into "the cause and effect clinical findings that occult religious practices have on the Black Arts practitioner's and/or the observer's mind", these days the New York Times seems to have been largely captured by the global elites, and like their other bretheren of the controlled media, they largely act dutifully as propaganda machinery.

Dakota Fanning aptly captures the character of Cherie Currie as a salient of the times in the biopic The Runaways, but the lens that the New York Times would have us view that through now, is as corrupt and as devoid of humanity as any devolution-from-humanity coming from the eugenicist and global economy-robbing elites.

Let's not forget that for that 1976 (Cherry Bomb) era, our 38th President of the United States, Gerald R. Ford, had selected as his vice presidential running mate, Nelson Rockefeller. Recognize that family name, anyone?

I thought that they could have chosen some different actresses for this movie... haven't seen it yet though and not sure I want to.

River Road Entertainment's picture immediately preceding The Runaways, was Food Inc. Both pictures should jolt you out of your stupor should you dare to watch them. Ofc they could have cast the picture with lesser actresses. Fortunately they cast epic talents. Dakota Fanning has managed to elevate the art and craft of acting to a whole new level. Perhaps that is uncomfortable for those so stuck and still mired in the matrix.

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