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January 21, 2010

For tomorrow may rain

Daniel Radosh

tweetsock1.jpg Friends, it has come to this.

Eight months ago, as radosh.net began to creak into senescence, I explained why I'd do my best to keep it alive rather than pull the plug and make the leap to Twitter.

While that explanation reflected the best information available to me at the time, the statement, as they say, is no longer operative. Among the many ways in which my personal situation has changed since then, I now have even less time than before for blog-length posts, and, perhaps more importantly, I have a new outlet for the kinds of things I used to blog about.

All of which is to say you can now find me on Twitter under the handle @danielradosh. (Some Czech guy with the first name Rados is squatting on @radosh, though I hope to wheedle it away from him eventually).

That doesn't mean I'm shutting down radosh.net. I'll leave the lights on here as long as al in la wants to keep running the anti-caption contest -- and every now and then my new co-bloggers and I may weigh in on something or other. For the most part, though, Twitter will be my new home for Huckapoo, self-censorship and Why Not Bill Keane updates, as well as anything else that can be squeezed into 140 characters.

I'd like to figure out a way to feed a Twitter group of radosh.net approved folks to this site, if only so it doesn't feel too empty here -- like when New York City painted colorful curtains and flowerpots on the boards they used to cover the windows in abandoned buildings. If anyone with time on their hands wants to help me do that (and maybe some other blog housekeeping) I'd be happy to hear from you.

Be seeing you.


Al in LA -- Please Please
Please keep the contest alive. I am even prepared to propose the elimination of Al-bashing if that would help.

http://twitter.com/whynotbillkeane seems to be available, as does http://twitter.com/omghuckapoo

So you have options.

Twitter. So, it's come to this? Makes sense. Can't blame ya. Gdspd, DnlRdsh.

Also, what Jim said.

Apparently, to D. Radosh, the hours here are, indeed, obscene.

I'm just sayin'.

Hello? Hello? Is thing on?

I want to thank Daniel Radosh for having the faith in me to carry on the Anti-Caption contest and its rich tradition of potty humor and bad puns. I should, however, point our that the other judge--Harry E.--is back from a brief hiatus and has vowed to resume his every-other-week-duties. I hope he does not mind me telling people he is an engineering student at Columbia U. So safe to say he is a smart man with a busy life and a proud mother. I, on the other hand, am a between-gigs-journalist living in a state with the highest unemployment benefits in the country. Harry will one day build bridges. I can make a bong out of an apple and a stick of gum. He is the ying to my yang. Together we will forge forward.

Sorry, Radosh. I like you, but not nearly enough to start using Twitter.

Guess this is goodbye, then.

It must be true that al in la dabbles in the pot every now and again, 'cause, not only did he mis-type (or mis-know) "ying" instead of "yin" (hey, it happens), but he couldn't even get his own nom-du-caption correct. (Unless al in la is coming out with his persona, al in al.)

Good luck to Daniel R., to Harry E., and most of all, to al in whoever.

[For those scoring at home: That should be nom-de-caption. D'oh!]

At one time radosh.net was the salient standing up to the gale force winds of government propaganda spewing out of the corporate media New York Times via the likes of Peter Landesman.

While Daniel is much too incorruptible to take a direct cash payment, such as like Armstrong Williams did, to join the government propaganda machine, an indirect path to diversion from the good fight, effectively accomplishes the same thing.

Say it ain't true Daniel.

Nice stems, Dan.

Thanks Tim H.

I was so giddy with glee that I wrote my comment in haste. I appreciate your comment particularly since you made a type-o, apparently in solidarity.

Thanks, al in la.

I believe the preferred spelling is "typo".

"Jane, stop this crazy thing!"

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