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December 22, 2009

Where Han really showed his knowledge of game theory was when he chose to shoot Greedo first

Jesse Lansner

Ilya Somin at volokh.com has an interesting analysis – via a Freakonomics post – of why it made sense for Han Solo to join the Rebellion against the Empire, but why it rarely makes sense for citizens of real totalitarian states to do the same. The important difference? "Marrying a princess and becoming a general are not likely outcomes for your average potential North Korean or Iranian dissident."

I generally agree with his analysis of real-world situations, but my own view of the Star Wars situtation, which I offered in a comment on Ilya's post, is that the entire analysis is moot. Han has already become a member of the Rebellion as far as the Empire is concerned, so his dilemma is not whether he should fight – to ensure that the Rebellion will protect him from the Empire, he really has no choice but to fight with them – but how to do so in a way that maximizes his value to the Rebellion.

(While reading the original posts, please remember that any comments that refer to Episodes I - III should be ignored, as those movies don't really exist.)


You know, my fundamental problem with Han Solo is that I just never found him do-able.

Jon Stewart, yes; Han Solo, no? Don't see that too often.

New York City wit makes me wet, L.A. sarcasm not so much. No-brainer. Gimme compact loquacious over gangly laconic any day. The eyebrows have it, not to mention the sezzie 'fro. And I don't care if back in the day Jon Stuart Leibowitz played for William or Mary or both -- I long ago learned the sad lesson that to preserve the potency of one's fantasy showbiz lust objects one must avoid -- at any cost -- ever meeting them in person. And you know that a slight dietary adjustment and a half hour brisk walk each day could turn around that apparent 25 years of plotzing and noshing.

That his career has been tied to multibillionaire radical Zionist propaganda purveyor and staunch George Bush supporter Sumner Redstone does not in the least diminish his rakish allure. Jon Stewart no more wishes horrifying death on Palestinian babies than Nazis Herbert von Karajan or Richard Strauss thought Mengele was a groovy guy; in fact, Strauss' daughter-in-law was Jewish and von Karajan's wife a Viertelj——din. They joined the party to be allowed to kill in the Konzertsaal not the Gaskammer, and by doing so were in a position to protect Jewish family members and friend.

I mean really, haven't you heard the sobriquet lately being bandied about, "baby boy ain't just sexy, he Jon Stewart sexy?" All the kids are sayin' it.

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