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December 16, 2009

Why not go fuck yourself?

Daniel Radosh

mickey_mouse_middle_finger_flipping.png "Despite wealth estimated at $600 million, Disney remained shy and outwardly unpretentious, according to people who knew him. His main indulgences were a castle in Ireland, a jet, sports cars and financing a passion for sailboat racing." -- LA Times obituary of Roy Disney

(Via Jesse Oxfeld)


Why Not Roy Disney..er, never mind.

hey, all my jet-owning, sailboat-racing friends are outwardly unpretentious, too!

If you have that kind of money, you don't have to pretend.

You don't get stomach cancer if you're vegetarian. Just sayin' ...

Give the guy a break. It's not like he was flying a three-engine Dassault Falcon. Just a regular Gulfstream. Jeesh.

Michael Eisner likes you now thanks to this blowjob blog entry.

He was the gold standard of humility.

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