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December 7, 2009

Perverts like you were also interested in...

Daniel Radosh

One of the more annoying things about reading news online is when you come across one of those Time magazine articles that inserts contextually-generated links to other articles after every other paragraph.

Here are a couple of unexpected moments from an article headlined Study: Parents' Sex Talks With Kids Happening Too Late.


How better to understand body changes that occur during puberty than with these photos of Miley Cyrus? Thank you, Time.

Oh, by the way? Time's list of the top 10 teen idols of all time: Number one is Jonathan Brandis. You know, from Seaquest. James Dean is number seven.

But it get skeevier.


Well, see limited previews of those pictures, anyway. The actual pictures are membership only.


I demand 538.com demands to see Time's Teen Hearthrob List methodology!

I used to watch Seaquest and I don't remember there being anyone other than a dolphin, Roy Scheider, and Ted Raimi on the show.

I guess I can't believe everything I read on the Internets after all.

Jonathan Brandis? Really? Nothing against him, I still feel sad about his suicide, but how does he belong on a list (and at the top, no less) that includes The Beatles and Elvis?

lol. Good stuff! Of course you SHOULD be linking to my sex blog purely for all the bored married guys out there who just need a drink and some...uhmmm "release" from all the real world bullshit that gets soooo fucking monotonous! :P

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