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November 22, 2009

Perhaps going after that ever-elusive Manson Family audience?

Jim Donahue

This banner ad keeps turning up on StatCounter as I obsessively check out how many hits my blog is(n't) getting:

Mansonesque 5.png

I guess my question is ... what the hell?


I think they simply recognize dirty hippies love government money.

I'm confused what that "9/10:" is doing there. Is this creepy ad number nine in a series of 10?

I don't observe any dirt, nor can I determine socio-political preference in the photo. I could be looking at a Sikh gentleman just out of the shower getting ready to work his usual 12-hour day. I do understand though; guys who don't scrape their faces every day in an effort to appear feminine or perpetually adolescent seem to threaten the tenuous grip on reality of those who do.

But seriously (heh) I can only judge the motive of the ad's designers by my personal experience with it: at first glance "9/10" juxtaposed with a mug shot-style photo of a bearded man made me think of someone arrested in connection with 9/11.

Advertising pretty much is a game of "made you look!" isn't it? So, epic win for cheap ad for probably fly-by-night, barely legal, depression profiteer loan sharks.

Btw, Time magazine's cover story on 9/10 was on the possibility of Colin Powell resigning from the Bush regime.

I always get the one that says "9/12 Teabaggers Take Advantage of Government Hot Wing Subsidy Plan."

9/10 Homeowners Believe In Jesus.

I thought the picture indicated that it is so easy, a caveman can do it, which, by the way, is a great premise for a TV show.

@JohnnyB. Somewhere, Optimus Sub-Prime is smiling.

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