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November 16, 2009

Radosh.net: "Waiting for Pitchfork to catch up since 2005"

Daniel Radosh

rubyblue.jpg It's official: Sleigh Bells is over... now that the band has been discovered by The New York Times.

"The band has already found an audience. For weeks now -- weeks! -- Sleigh Bells has generated blog fervor thanks to a handful of shows and demos. The band isn't even a dozen shows into its life span and it's already an Internet nano-phenomenon."

Well, it's true that some of your lesser music blogs have been buzzing about the Bells for weeks, but faithful readers of this site first heard about "dynamo" lead singer Alexis Krauss four years ago when I told you that the former RubyBlue singer was Huckapoo's vocal coach. (To save you the trouble of clicking that link, and since you probably didn't read that far into the post at the time, my comment was indeed, "Yes, Huckapoo has a vocal coach. Fuck you.")

Huckapoo in fact recorded two songs previously recorded by RubyBlue, and had no better luck in turning them into the hits they should have been. (That honor went to No Secrets.)

In other words, the whole time Huckapoo svengali Brian Lukow was trying to manufacture the next big music thing... the real next big music thing was quietly toiling behind the scenes and he never knew it. They should make a movie like that. Huckapoo can do the soundtrack.


Huckapoo can do the soundtrack.

Or at least Huckapoo's new indie band, I. Ron Fist, whose new single "Face Smash Rock" is basically the melody of Amerie's "1 Thing" over a blown-out Marnie Stern riff and 88 drummers conducted by Yamatsuke Eye.

There are plenty of underrated RubyBlue songs, but my fave is probably "Through the Rain," which I stuck on an imaginary mixtape in 2006 (one year after Radosh.net paved the way and a few before P4K tagged along...). Got the chronology wrong, tho, Josie and the Pussycats (Y2K version) were RubyBlue contemporaries, not followers.

Let us know if they cover any Prussian Blue songs.

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