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October 29, 2009

Smudge Report

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I want to pat my self on the back for being one of the handful of viewers who recognized that "Public Option Limited " was a reference to the punk band Public Image Ltd., which was formed in 1978 by former Sex Pistol, John Lydon. (I even had a little "PIL" button along with a button that said "Blondie Is The Name Of A Band.")

It is, of course, a highly arcane reference that suggests the show's writers are of a certain demographic.

Ok, how are you certain that only a "handful of viewers" got that? Seriously, I would be fascinated to know.

No problem J.D. I watched with a group of people and I was the only one got the PIL reference. I simply extrapolated that finding to a national audience.

Also, Mr. Self-Appointed Blog-Police, when do you have to be "certain" of something to post it?

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