August 14, 2009

The Search Locker

I must admit I was initially dismissive of the complaint that Google hates America because they never change their logo for Memorial Day or Veterans Day while they do celebrate "accomplishments of the communist Soviet Union."

But today the charge seems a little less crazy, what with the doodle tribute to IEDs.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


No,no no that's a compass and a battery and a nail showing electro-magnetic induction.

It's to honor the birthday of this guy who discovered the phenomenon many moons ago: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Christian_%C3%98rsted

Nice try, Commie lover.

At least communists don't blow us up with paint cans stuffed with screws and glass.

The doodle looks weird, I agree. But the commie lover may be onto something:


In Soviet Russia, America hates YOU.

oh, wait...

Man, you should get a new day job and have no more time for blogging every week. This is just about the most prolific one ever.

No it's a bomb all right, and a cryptic message to Viacom cryptkeeper Sumner Redstone to lay off, or at least blow up that honey blonde thing on his head and buy a decent toupe.

This excellent joke would have been even better if delivered on TV as news satire. If only there were some way to get this kind of thing into the hands of, say, John Stewart...

or even better, Jon Stewart.

No, I was referring to the late Kingston Trio musician, John Stewart, who penned the quintessential Monkees' tune, "Daydream Believer". Now that guy could tell a joke.

@mypalmike, and here I was psyched to correct you and ask you if you meant Phil LaMarr.

Actually America's foremost news commentator and Radosh's new boss is named "Jon Stewart."

( Attention Anti-Cappers: I posted this week's NY mag cartoon on my humble blog.)

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