August 13, 2009

Why not Bil Keane?

Posted by Daniel Radosh



Rhubarb Red, the Wizard of Waukesha. The BEST!

After a couple years saying "we should do this before it's too late," I took my son to see him at the Iridium, right around a year ago today. Glad we did.

Most people have no comprehension of how he changed pop music, not just with his inventions but his boundless musical ideas. R.I.P. Les.

somewhere there's music. thanks, les.


Growing up I had some sort of idea of Les Paul's importance and influence, but until the epsiode of PBS's American Masters on Les Paul, I did not know the full story.

He was, indeed, masterful.

Rest in peace, Paul.

[...Rest in peace, Les. I must have had this photo in mind.]

I wonder if Bil Keane knows that his golden years are secretly being spent as a punch line.

Vaya con dios, Les Paul

Btw, in this video the opening announcer comes close, but, having spent time in Les Paul's hometown, I know Waukesha has more of a Fargo-esque pronunciation -- WAH-keeeeee-shaw -- or as the kids say, "the Shaw." It's increasingly populated by affluent conservatives and Gangster Disciple drug lords, who seem to manage a natural modis vivendi, as it is by all appearances a placid little enclave.

Distinguished pre-Civil War for its curative mineral spring water (now considered dangerously radioactive), Waukesha became a Victorian resort spa known as the Saratoga of the West.

Lester Polfuss (originally Polsfuss -- yup, Prussian-Jewish) left the place as a kid, but the local historical society has a nice exhibit in his honor.

UPDATE: It has been announced Les will be buried with his parents in Waukesha's Prairie Home Cemetary. City officials are already planning for handling anticipated crowds.

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