August 12, 2009

Circle jerks

Deadspin gets in on the media self-censorship watchdogging with a particularly lovely item about a training routine whose name "cannot be mentioned in a family newspaper or on the Internet, but it has to do with, um, maturation."

I bet you didn't know there were words too outrageous for the Internet.

By the way, my NYT Mag piece on The Beatles: Rock Band originally included a special self-censorship wink for you, my blog followers, but unfortunately it was flagged and killed at the last possible second. A shadow of it remains, which I think you'll spot. Just know that the word "family" very nearly went to press as "uptight."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Unfortunately I live in San Jose, California, with parents who want as little to do with the NYT as possible (don't ask), so I wasn't able to see a carbon copy of the article. Definitely hit it up online, though. Fantastic stuff.

I'm quite jealous, I'll have you know. Ringo and all. How positively infuriating this article was.

God that's depressing.
Original joke comment: Would going Wild in the Streets in protest help?

Maturation, hmmm ... "Dry humping?" "Growing a pair?" "Getting your ass fucked for the first time?"

I swear, I was just coming here to comment on what I took to be the radosh.net self-censorship shout-out in the piece, only to see this post and learn that the shout-out got censored. Now I'm depressed. You f--king s-ck.

@Frank. They also killed a quote (from a YouTube comment): "why dont you go get laid?" Really.

This was a really good article

Loved your writing in the Beatles piece, Daniel. Thanks for the inspiration.

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