August 11, 2009

Gefilte girl

01550501.jpg Breaking news: A mermaid has been sighted in Haifa, Israel.

"Many people are telling us they are sure they've seen a mermaid and they are all independent of each other," council spokesman Natti Zilberman told Sky News... "People say it is half girl, half fish."

Of course they won't know if it's an authentic mermaid until they determine which half is from the mother.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Real fish.


...and if she IS Kosher, why is she wearing a sea shell bikini top?

Anyway, slightly off topic but on everyone's mind: Winners for Anti-Cap Contest #203 can be seen by clicling the link below. (There's even a special category for Daniel-related entries.)

Or is it an optical illusion caused by a woman sitting on a rock holding half a fish? (Half a sexy fish)...

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