August 10, 2009

That can be arranged


Via HuffPo comes this snapshot of an unexpectedly, if unintentionally, honest protest sign at a recent health care town brawl. Not the "I Want the Same Health Care as Congress!" sign in the foreground. It seems incredibly unlikely that teabaggers would be calling for a massively expensive plan that would (further) bankrupt both them and the government. No, what I like is the sign in the background: "No to Health Care."

Crush any chance of reform and you'll get your wish, folks.

See also the rest of the slideshow for the sign listing enemies of America with Obama seven spots above North Korea and the one declaring Obama "the anus of America." Which is just absurd. Everyone knows he's the anus of Kenya.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I can't understand who's motivated to say "hands off my health care" who's not a mid-level bureaucrat at a health-insurer or a specialty surgeon.

I imagine somebody in 1987 protesting the breakup of AT&T with a sign, "Hands off Ma Bell!"

it's was a lovely idea concocted so that the bureaucrats who will be voting for/against the health plan can be worry free since they won't be subjected to it themselves. It's easier to vote for a plan that has zero bearing on you personally. "Hey guys, don't worry! Us politicians will get top shelf coverage on everything, as always. I mean, essentially we're welfare recipients since the American public pays our salary to jack up the deficit and run the country into the ground and put up a few windmills in the middle of nowhere to save the planet, on top of allocating billions in vouchers for more fuel efficient cars which essentially means more scrap for junkyards, overproduction of automobiles in the future due to the spike in demand in 09, and a shortage of used cars for those without funds to purchase a new car.

Everybody in America deserves the same mediocre coverage. Medicare is a wonderful system. Just ask any feeble, ailing, elderly citizen kept alive solely by inept doctors and a motherload of medications. But not us. They get what we tell 'em. We get whatever we want on their dime. That's the way God and the pioneers of bureaucracy would have wanted. Whos up for spending $550 million on 8 new planes for senior political exes? They come equipped with teenage hookers. I mean interns"

we should all get the same health coverage. and the same salary. and benefits. i'm all for it. i absolutely love the idea of the unavoidable rise in taxes. i can't wait to give away more of my negligible salary. who's with me?

Obama did well in NH today. It would be nice to think that a televised speech by a calm, thoughtful, informed and eloquent President, followed by a town hall meeting that encouraged reasonable debate between both sides could have as much impact on the issue as an insane Facebook post by an Alaskan private citizen.

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