August 10, 2009

From Radosh.net's world news headquarters in New York

If you came here looking for this week's anti-caption contest, or anything else really, perhaps I could have your attention for a brief announcement instead. For the entire seven years that I've been writing this blog I have been a freelancer, working mostly out of my home. That gave me not only the opportunity for blogging, but also the motive. I'd read something in the news, have something terribly clever and interesting to say about it, and nobody around to say it to.

About three months ago, I banged out one of those observations in the form of a dialogue with Michael Steele about gay marriage. Shortly after that I got an e-mail from someone at The Daily Show saying they liked it and would I consider applying for an open writing position. Fast-forward through several rounds of hoop-jumping to last week when I was officially offered, and accepted, the position. I start next month.

What that means for you? Well it's a poor reward for the blog that got me the job, but the truth is that I seriously doubt I'll have much time for updating. And I'll have another outlet for my observations about the news. I've already mentioned that I'd been getting a bit burned out on blogging anyway, so odds are this blog will go largely dormant, though I won't let it go completely dark. I'll be damned if this blog dies before Bil Keane does.

In any case, I'm happy to note that I'm ending this phase of my freelance writing on a high note. Stop by later in the week for my first New York Times Magazine cover story. Oh, and there'll be no anti-caption contest this week. Would you be interested in having me bring in someone to run it from now on? Or is it better to simply retire it?

Posted by Daniel Radosh



The contest should continue. Work it out, clever Daniel. You've established an institution. (Maybe a rotating panel of those who *get it* as judges?)

Hot dog! Congratulations!

Good Lord. I only started reading this blog last week, and now look what's happened!

Congratulations, Daniel. I can imagine few more satisfying ways to close a blog. And I also vote for continuation of the anti-caption contest. Hire an intern!

Or maybe turn the blog into a group blog, with some of your regular vacation-time guest bloggers filling in on and off.

Oh, and -- awesome!

The group blog idea is intriguing. Then I could jump in every now and then and it wouldn't feel totally out of nowhere...

Have you considered hiring Bil Keane?

Congratulations - as a long time fan from your Spy Mag days, I can't wait to see Jon Stewart introduce The Huckapoo Minute every night!

Whoa, congratulations, Daniel!

Congratulation, Daniel. You deserve it, but I'm totally jealous.
I'd like to see the anti-caption contest continue , though I can see where it would be hard to keep up unless someone else filled in.

9:30AM - Beautiful morning. Just enough humidity in the air to bring out the colors coming off of the mountains. Went to Starbucks and was perfectly willing to pay $5 for coffee. Almost giddy. Think I'll write a list of compliments to give my co-workers at the office today.

10:20AM - Saw notice that Daniel Radosh will no longer be able to maintain his blog due to a terrific opportunity. This also means the possibility of an end to the Anti-Caption contests, which I submit to regularly. Found a park bench. Sitting down, collecting my thoughts...

11:30AM - Gasoline remains under $3 a gallon, which is where it would stay if those fuckers in Washington weren't intent on bending us over. Anyhow, one plus a match is enough for a family of eight. "Why are you doing this?" (I get tired of that question; ask my mother.)

12:30PM - Took a shower. Looking forward to "The Daily Show"; I say this out loud, and my bound and gagged hostage nods in agreement. Is he trying to humor me? I'll ask him, but with pliers.

(Follow-up: he said no.)

Congrats, Dan!

And yes, keep the site going; your past guest bloggers have done a good job maintaining your sensibility, so a long term team should do just as well.

Way to go, man!
If this means you wil be needing someone to look after the kids,I'd be glad to do it, as long as they stay where I can see them.

...and congratulations!

Congratulations! -- You are in our prayers. -- I hope you'll keep the contest online as an archive at least.

Mazel tov! I'll miss the blogging, but I look forward to watching the Daily Show and wondering, "Did Daniel write that? How about this? Oh, that one was definitely Daniel . . ."

Congratulations! Good luck with the most awesomest job in the world.

Ok, ok, I usually stay out of these conversations, but shit, NY Times Mag cover story AND the Daily Show... gotta kvell. Looks like I'm going to be staying up past 11.


i'm sure if he knew, bil keane would produce "daniel makes his way to the daily show"


Daniel, Congratulations and good luck! You are joining a fine news organization and it's great to hear that it was this blog that brought you to the attention of The Daily Show. If you find a way to keep the anti-caption contest alive you will keep many people very happy. Otherwise I'll just have to start reading Roger Ebert's blog more often....

Have fun.

Congrats, Daniel!

As for the Anti-Caption Contest: I propose having contributor mypalmike take over and retool the Contest so that there are TWO...no, make that THREE separate cartoons each week wherein each cartoon's caption must relate to the other two. History has already shown that the results are consistently HI-LARIOUS! Or something.

Congratulations on your new job in basic cable television!

Not for nothing, but I think therblig's brilliant "daniel makes his way to the daily show" deserves a live link and a round of applause.

"I can't wait to see Jon Stewart introduce The Huckapoo Minute every night!"

Last hired, first fired.

Nice! Congratulations, man. It's too bad you won't be around to fact-Fisk your own NY Times cover story, though. You were totally going to ream you.

Congrats you beautiful Jew bastard. Find some way to keep this going, though.

Wow! Congratulations Daniel! I'm sure you'll bring amazing things to The Daily Show, and I'll be sad to see less of your writing here. I finally read Rapture Ready! last week, and I've been recommending it and you to everyone I know since then.

Dude. Holy shit.

That's completely fantastic. Congratulations!!


Don't do it!

I hear the hours there are obscene.

Congratulations. Terrific news about the Daily Show (if sad news for us about the blog).

My old college roommate, the late David Fischer, introduced me to the anti-caption contest, which I went on to win once. Losing the contest, a reliable source of yuks in my life, and my dear friend David in the same week would be just too much. Please keep it going!

Good luck Daniel!

(NOTE TO ANTI-CAPPERS: I have posted winners for contest #202 on my blog and plan to post winners for future contests on a weekly basis.)

I would support a judging rota if there were one. If you know what I mean.

Congratulations! You'll have to work out a code so we can tell which jokes are yours. Or perhaps, we should just look for the funniest. Good luck!

HOLY COW Daniel,
I'm *So* happy for you.
You DO know that it was the Ten Questions Tuesday interview with me that swayed them and got you the job right?
(jon luvs me)

Karen :0)

Daniel, I vote you keep the anti-caption contest alive AND make alinla a guest judge in future!

While still digesting the news about your departure for the excitement of The Daily Show, I am delighted to have earned the dubious distinction of becoming a real New Yorker caption contest winner (#98), an anti-caption contest winner (#168)... and now the winner of the world's finest unofficial non-radosh anti-caption contest (#202).

Thanks, alinla, for making a dream come true!


Congratulations! To celebrate, I'm going to check out your book from the library again!

Hey, I'm in the New Yorker Caption Contest book!

SQUEE!!! That's so fantastic!!! You make the second person I know who has written/will write for The Daily Show.

Congrats again! Now that you pegged the Michael Steele piece, I went back and read it as though I were a Daily Show producer trying to decide whether to offer you a job. From that viewpoint, it was definitely the comment "I smell screenplay!" that put you over the top.

If you keep at it, maybe someday this writing thing will work out. Until then, good luck at the Daily Show. ;-) Congrats.

Oh wow...you mean people actually read your blog? People at *the Daily Show* read your blog?? And all this time I thought that it was just *us*...

This is all somewhat...unsettling.

Dead giveaway:

JON STEWART: "...and now our Special Gigantic Lady Correspondent, Evrolet Girl..."

Damn! Big-time congrats!

Um, why not see if you could take the anti-caption contest with you to "The Daily Show?" Or to the inevitable "Daniel Radosh Show?" (Picturing the pink polo shirts with the show's logo over the left titty.)

hee hee hee

I just saw your mom's comment.

My favorite tee shirt at the moment is :

" My Mom Approves of Me"

You should buy it and wear it proudly.

Mazeltov, my friend. You deserve it.

Congratulations ! I'll be sure now to tune into The Daily Show some. Hope the contest continues in some form - or what are 'wags' to do ?

I'm a one-time anti-caption contest winner and the author of the hilarious e.e. cummings quip re last week's cartoon. I'm so lonely! Please keep the contest.

Seriously, congratulations.

Congrats, from an anti-captioner addict of almost 3 years. I know you'll be fantastic at The Daily Show!

While watching (appropriately enough) The Daily Show my wife and I picked winners for Anti-Cap Contest #203 (We even created a special category for Daniel.)

Click the the link below to see our highly controversial selections and leave your feedback.

First Carvell, now Radosh, somebody needs to pick Francis up from the News Quiz alum rolls!!!

Congrats, Daniel.

Wonderful! Congrats.

Congrats! And let me add another vote for the group blog. Aside from email and social-networking sites, this is the only site I've been reading regularly while on vacation. Don't make me spend more time on future vacations (should I ever be able to afford another one after this) actually experiencing new places and cultures! Besides, this will be a great outlet when some of your jokes are inevitably cut from the broadcast.

Congratulations! But I will miss this blog, and my awareness of hip millenarianist culture will be diminished

This is awesome news. Watching TDS every night is going to be even more fun now that we'll be analyzing every joke for hints of your influence. They couldn't have made a better choice over there. Congrats!

Congratulations and best of luck! I worked with Kevin Bleyer years ago and he's a great guy.


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