August 2, 2009

Why not Bil Keane?


Dina Babbitt, who survived the Holocaust by painting portraits for Josef Mengele and spent her later years trying unsuccessfully to reclaim her paintings, dies at 86. Read Neal Adams' six-page comic about Babbitt [pdf].

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Amazing story. Comic art is at its best when biographying the bravery and suffering of martyrs IMHO, and Neal Adams doesn't disappoint here. The SS portraits are probably still around -- any effort been made to recover them from their current owners?

When asked who the seller was, Bil Keane replied: "Ino Nussing"

(to continue the text above the drawing)

...and although Dina had proof that she lived in the barracks, she was still hauled away in handcuffs. The SS man did not appreciate her uppity attitude."

R.I.P Dina. An artist with more balls we've yet to see.

I read the caption as "...an ass man came to Dina's barracks." One of the risks of the conventions of all-caps in comics, I guess.

Thanks for sharing, I didn't know about her.

I heard Mengele *was* an assman. He kept several in his freezer ...

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