July 12, 2009

Today in "The Family Circus"


Posted by David F


Sarah Palin
Politically failin'
She couldn't take it
Daddy, why are you googling to try and find pictures of her naked?

Sarah Palin
Tucked her tail in
Most ridiculous resignation speech we've ever seen
But I still ask you, "Why not Bil Keane?"

Bil Keane
is mean
to continue cursing us
with "Circus"

This is bugging me (for some ridiculous reason). From the "less is more" department:

Bil Keane
is mean
to curse us
with "Circus"

Sarah Palin

Is found now with coho descalin'

Her favorite from "Circus" was Jeffy

She lacks the political choppers to become El Jefe

Even though I know it wouldn't start a fight,
It still wouldn't strike me as right,
If I didn't give Deborah her due:
Her name belongs in this byline too!

At least he used clerihew and not clitic.

"Why Not Bil Keane?"
Is pretty mean.
How'd you like it if when Ariana Huffington is dead,
"Why Not Daniel Radosh?" were the head

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