July 6, 2009

Why not... no, wait, this one's about damn time.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


That's Strange.

Old Bob, one of the white people who sent black people to kill yellow people. Actually, he sent a bunch of white and brown people too. He was progressive.

The engineered Gulf of Tonkin "incident" was the 60s version of the controlled demolitions at Ground Zero. Errand boys facilitating mass murder, who carefully craft a program of official lies to take us from one genocidal bloodbath to the next get to go quietly in their sleep in this country. Both Bushes, Madame Rice, and Cheney the Hut will likely live well into their 90s, snugly and smugly. Not that piece of shit Rumsfeld though. Everybody knows he is the undead. Obama is so cool and sweet no one's noticed he's simply continuing Bush's war on no less specious grounds, except we've all gone to sleep because he keeps saying he's ending it. This country's so stupid all it takes is a charming smile and a pretty lie and we bend over. No dinner and a movie required.

Kennedy planned to remove US advisors from Vietnam, dismantle the CIA, and continue printing Silver Certificate currency instead of borrowed, worthless, debt-laden Federal Reserve notes. Bang, bang, bangity, bang. In broad daylight. McNamara stayed on with likely assassination co-conspirator Johnson to ensure Kennedy's plans were scotched with a vengeance.

McNamara was a nebbishy little monster. His Wikipedia entry is the banality of evil in the form of a hilarious attempt at hagiography. (Woo-hoo, he was instrumental in stopping production of the Ford Edsel!) Hey, at least McNamara and Johnson strengthened equality in the military, making it easier for black Americans to become genocidal trained killers and get soaked with Agent Orange.

Controlled demolitions at ground zero?

Why, yes. I am the only person to ever question the 911 Commission Report. Yes, it came to me in a dream. No, no scientific basis, just a feeling I have that grows stronger as I lie on the couch and stare at the ceiling. I know I am the only person to believe this, as it is mentioned nowhere else on the internets, hence, I sympathize with your incredulity.

Hi Jonathan, welcome to J.D.'s world!

Oh alack a day. If only it were my world. Then mass murderers such as Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush and Bush would be tried, and if convicted sent to, oh I don't know, psych wards or re-education camps perhaps, or maybe something new, a maximum security spa where daily loving care administered by living saints might imbue them with the seed of human empathy. They would certainly have to forfeit their vast personal fortunes in making restitution to their victims' families. Of course we would have to nab them all before they fled to their 100,000 acre refuge in Paraguay, traditional safe harbor for Nazis on the run, with Erik Prince and his Xe commandoes providing cover fire. (Since some of you live Google-free, Xe is the private mercenary army formerly known as Blackwater which was awarded hundreds of millions in no-bid defense contracts under Bush.)

Am I wrong in your view? Has the Bush family been naught but a blessing on this earth? Was the crew who drained our blood for ten years in Vietnam our sainted guardian angels? If you drop hundreds of tons of explosives on a Vietnamese, Iraqi, Palestinian or Iranian child will it not bleed? Please by all means illuminate me.

"Stand by to juxtapose the pic of the Napalm Girl on 2, and GO with Kim Phuk, 2"

Can't they do better than Paraguay? 100,000 acres is nice I guess, but it's pretty humid down there.

It's an old story from 2006. According to Wikipedia, Bush's land sits over "the Guaraní Aquifer ... one of the world's largest aquifer systems ... It is said that this vast underground reservoir could suppy fresh drinking water to the world for 200 years."

Water to be the new oil? These people do think ahead. Reportedly the land sits next to Bush Sr. toady Sun Myung Moon's 1.4 million acres. Also containing huge natural gas reserves. The sale was reportedly brokered during the Bush regime by US Ambassador to Paraguay James Cason (on weekends I guess). Reportedly Bush daughter Jenna, during her Panama Peace Corps duties conveniently and no doubt completely coincidentally travelled with UNICEF to Paraguay for 10 days to observe child welfare programs, during which she was able to sandwich in a meeting with Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte and seal the private land deal for her family.

Some say the land is situated in a strategic spot for the drug and weapons trades.

The man understood misdeed and I respect that.

Oscar Mayer, R.I.P.

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