July 4, 2009

Today in "The Family Circus"

Guest Bloggers: David F / Deborah


Posted by Daniel Radosh


"Mommy says you stink like mayonnaise and urine."

Thel said to tell you that she's had it with the BBW popups and PJ's not yours.

"I put naked pictures of myself on your computer. Now, make with the allowance raise or my first call after the feds will be to Mommy. And don't bother destroying your hard drive. Turns out you keep extensive, off-site backups."


"Daddy, why do so many people wish our creator dead?"

Good news, Daddy! Radish doesn't hate Bill the most!

Daddy, could you explain today's Dennis the Menace? Am I too young for it or is it just lame?

Daddy, how many hits of me in the shower with Uncle Steve get today?

Mommy, Daddy wants to know if you could go to a different barber this time. The guys at the shop are giving him a hard time about your matching haircuts. Oh, and if you could also get stop shaving your womanstache with his razor since he's getting blonde hairs all over his face when he shapes his unibrow?

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