June 13, 2009

Breaking: Clique Girlz kill and eat another member

bcurranbday006.jpg It's been a whole two and a half months since I last peeked under the dressing room door at the Clique Girlz, I wonder how the new kid is getting along.

Whoops! Apparently Sara got the boot six weeks ago. Whether the problem was that her name was too old-fashioned for sisters Destinee and Paris Monroe or that Jews are no longer the hot ethnic group for a teenybopper band, the Girlz may soon remedy the situation by acquiring a wise Latina named Keana Texeira. OK, Keana isn't officially in the group but she is the girlz' new BFF (though that last F is very conditional for Paree and Dentist). Also, I don't actually know if she's Latina. I just think she looks feisty and lacking in judicial temperament.

Anyway, it's getting to be a regular Thunderdome over there. If I were one of the Monroe sisters I'd be sleeping with one eye open.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I didn't comment on the picture because I couldn't decide what was more noteworthy, the alien life forms devouring their brains (and starving! ha!) or the fact that Paris seems to have aged about 30 years.

The Latina chicklet can probably judge song choice better than white boyz.

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