June 5, 2009

My kind of town

We already talked about the minimal posting going on here for at least the last and next few weeks. And if you came by Monday looking for the anti-caption contest, you may have thought I was even going to skip that for another week. As well I might have if The Chicago Tribune hadn't given it a shout-out in an article about the New Yorkrer contest's first three-time winner. The thought of all those Chicagoans coming to this site looking for a contest that is "not as much of a challenge" as the New Yorker one (as if) and finding a blank page was too sad to contemplate, so I threw it up at the last minute. Today I'll even judge it.

I probably would have blogged about that ChiTrib article even if it hadn't mentioned me because of this:

So, yes, there's some grumbling about the mainstream nature of the contest. Best was a dead-on Web piece by Charles Lavoie suggesting that a more vulgar version of "God, what a jerk" could win the contest every week.

Noted for future reference: In Chicago, "Christ" is more vulgar than "God." At least there are no black people there to read that.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The distinction they're drawing is this: Ours here is obscene.

And here's the international-relations version of the meme:

Or an e-mail joke circulating among Iranians: “The Election Commission has announced in its last statement regarding the election that writing names such as monkey, traitor, fascist, silly, and [expletive] on the ballots will be considered a vote for Ahmadinejad.”

I see the contest remains undecided, but hey, at least your new readers won't be disappointed. Chicagoans know never to trust a judge.

On an unrelated note: I'm not sure that it's the revolution in game narrative you've been waiting for, per se, but whatever the hell "Scribblenauts" is does sound kind of interesting.

@tamsy: Turns out the NYer has the week off, so the contest will go until next Friday, more or less.

More on Scribblenauts soon!

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