April 27, 2009

Besides, everyone knows that was a missile

a-view-of-the-world-from-9th-avenue.jpg Statue of Liberty flyby startles New Yorkers

An Air Force fighter jet and one of President Barack Obama's official planes on Monday flew low over the Statue of Liberty in an approved photo opportunity that startled some New Yorkers who have memories of the September 11 attacks...

"After our history with planes in lower Manhattan, you would think they would consider doing their exercises over the Potomac (in Washington) instead," said Peggy Lewis, who heard the planes from her Manhattan home.

Yeah! Or maybe Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Did they think of that?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Would have been so cool if they did this a few weeks ago. Could have been the best April Fool's prank ever.("You've been punked New York!")

PS: I took the liberty of posting a winner for last week's anti-cap contest. Click on my name below to reveal the highly controversial unofficial winner.

Plans for a photo session with a truck load of fertilizer at the Oklahoma City Federal Building were later called off.

This reminded me of the "Fireworks" episode of 30 Rock, which is the only one I've ever seen. I found the ending, where the network has set up a huge fireworks display in midtown without getting permission from city officials, too ridiculously implausible to be funny... until now.

Just out of curiosity, is everyone missing my joke or just ignoring it because the underlying story is more interesting? Trying to calibrate the subtlety level here.

"Trying to calibrate the subtlety level here."

Daniel, if you mean the Manhattan-centric "thinking" of Ms. Lewis coupled with the iconic Steinberg cover from The New Yorker, then, yes, your level of subtlety may have been too...how you say?...subtle. Or something.

But, still appreciated.

Maybe adding a link will help.

I thought the fact that you didn't show a hot babe dressed like the Statue of Liberty made it obvious that The New Yorker cover had to be related to the joke.

I got the joke about the Potomac but I guess you didn't hear me laughing. I should have added a link.

ATTENTION: Winners for the two previous anti-cap contests (#188 & 189) have been posted on my blog. Please visit and leave a comment.

That is all.

One man's subtlety is another man's sledgehammer. Ouch.

"sledgehammer" or air-to-air missile, as it were.

But this does _PROVE_ that Washington has the capacity to fly planes low to the ground near Manhattan. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Never beg for a laugh, Dan. It's poor form.

Isn't it scary that Obama officials are out-of-touch with a set common apprehensions shared by most people living on Earth? What does that say about Obama? I'm very concerned. I don't feel like joking about it.


Was it FDR who said in politics nothing happens by accident? Such an obvious FAUX faux pas could not have been perpetrated oblivious of its effect: remind the peasants that terror can rain upon them from the sky at any moment, and only their government can protect them. Either that or their government is the perpetrator.

Be confused.

Be afraid.

With the incomprehensible "economic emergency" in full swing our only refuge is Fearless Leader's charming, seductive smile, strung one floppy Dumbo ear to the other.

Does the bale out seem like the dinner and a movie part of a date to you?

Good, I can live with fear and confusion if it's planned.

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