April 16, 2009

So no truth commission then?


Posted by Daniel Radosh


"disturbing disunity"

as if our this was ever not the case in this country?

Loyalists vs. Patriots
Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists
North vs. South
Pro-slavery vs. abolitionists
McCarthyites vs. Commies
Hippies vs. The System
God-fearers vs. Moral relativists
Tea-baggers vs. The Sane
Torturers vs. The Law Abiding

Obama is missing a chance to do justice because he thinks it will help the chances of the Democrats (chiefly himself) to remain in power. instead of grinding the scofflaws under his heel where they belong.

Permanent regime errand boys and girls aren't about to rock any boats.

Patience, people. The fact that the memos were released is a win for the good guys.

The torture memos are the set up. The punch line? No one will ever be held accountable, save perhaps another Lindy Englund-level scapegoat. The overall message: warning, peasant, the permanent regime can capriciously perpetrate horror upon horror with impunity.

"Reflection not retribution" my ass.

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