April 8, 2009


sabra-passover-02.jpg You know what suddenly struck me as funny? This.

Oh well, at least you still have the anti-caption contest.

Sometimes even the results.

Happy Passover. Next year on Twitter.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I thought Passover featured a shankbone, not a rack.

Chag Pesach Sameach!

hope i got that right)

Well, I personally am outraged by the tardiness of the anti-...Hey look! A chick with big tits!

Thanks, Pal! Best blog ever!

I still ain't joining a religion where you have to blow the chauffeur.

Hey, another holiday photo of Rachel Sklar.

Melons on Passover?

The band size and cup size are far too large for the season. You need to find a picture of a "zero A".

Is eating something sort of dairy and then something slightly fishy kosher? Maybe it's a satyr plate...

"Oh... Blow the SHOFAR! I thought you wanted someone to... never mind... I guess we should put the limo back in the garage!"

The maror here is ...

Never mind.

Mom was right, I need to find a nice Jewish girl to settle down with.

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