April 2, 2009

Well that clears that up


From the Northwest Florida Daily News. Emphasis on self-censorship mine, of course.

An Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office deputy patrolling an area known for prostitution and narcotic sales stopped a car driven by an elderly white male on March 25.

There was a middle-aged female in the passenger seat.

The driver, who was 77, said he was driving down Lovejoy Road when the woman flagged him down and used a slang term to offer to give him oral sex for $30, according to her arrest report. The driver said he was not sure what she meant so he asked her to clarify. She used a different slang term. He declined, according to the report.

So what is the hip term for rolling cigars among septuagenarians? Other questions raised by astute Daily News readers: If he declined, why was she driving around in the car with him? Why was he pulled over, or is driving in a "known" prostitution area probable cause these days? And, of course, why is she charging $30 when everyone knows the going rate is $10. It's a shame when people prey on the elderly like that.

[h/t: Charles]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


No comment that the area known for prostitution is Lovejoy Road?

Dang, girl works HARD for the money getting 77-year-old peen to bust!

I'd rather not read "blowjob" or "suck off" in a newspaper. Sorry, Sportin' Life, but that's the way it goes.

If he declined, why was she driving around in the car with him?

Wow, can it be that you really don't know the current meaning of "I'd like to go for a ride in your car? Well, clearly, neither did the old guy.

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