April 2, 2009

Wise and otherwise

Recently, Radosh.net senior seniors correspondent Eric Effron spent a week in Boynton Beach, Florida visiting his parents, Ruth and Irving, both in their 80s. To amuse his friends and, perhaps, preserve his sanity, Eric began posting their more surprising pronouncements on Facebook. I thought these pearls of yiddishe wisdom deserved a wider audience. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

Mom: "You got heavy, but you look good."

Mom: "You know, I think you got a lot taller... or maybe I got shorter?"

Mom: "Living down here is like being in kindergarten, except one of the activities is going to the doctor."

Dad: "Obama is great, but that treasury secretary is a schmuck with ears."

Mom: "You seem good. What's wrong?"

Mom: "I love Target, but I love Costco!"

Dad: "I lose things but then I forget I lost them, so what the hell difference does it make?"

Mom: "It's casual, but you have to get dressed up."

Mom: "In Florida, they don't know from sour pickles."

Dad: "Lobster is too good for the goyim."

Dad: "The world holds Israel to a higher standard, but screw 'em. What matters is that Israel hold itself to a higher standard."

Mom (15 minutes after dinner): "Are you hungry? Can I make you something?"

Dad: "It's a good thing Madoff only stole from Jews. Can you imagine what the anti-Semites would have done with this?"

Mom: "Something is wrong with the computer. It's gotten small."

Dad: "I've seen shmeckles bigger than some of the hurricanes they get excited about down here."

Dad: "GE is a great company, but that Immelt is a schmuck with ears."

Mom (as I'm leaving for the airport): "Is that what you're wearing?"

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I was thinking the same thing about Madoff and Jews.

An analogous comment was made about Bobby Frank and Leopold&Loeb.

>>It's a good thing Madoff only stole from Jews

Kevin Bacon is Jewish??

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