February 27, 2009

The results are in

...for anticaption contests #181 and #182 and The Week's What Next? contest. Sadly the editorial demands of an actual magazine with half a million readers meant that some of my personal favorites from you sick lot couldn't make the cut, though you're not entirely unrepresented, and, at the very least, you brightened up my afternoon.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Thanks for the "ink" on 181, Radosh. As for contest 182, though, the top three winners are the funniest I've seen since you've started doing this thing. Well played, sirs or madams, well played.

Will you post the personal favorites here?

Alex: I do like many of the officially chosen ones -- the Richard Gere and American Idol jokes in particular. Here are some others that I liked from radosh.net regulars:

@Pope_Ratz seriously, you need to chill
—Charles Star

Peace to all beings. Well, except the gays; I'm still not okay with that stuff.
—francis heaney

U hear that? Sound of 1 hand Tweeting, bitches. Stone cold.
—TG Gibbon

2nd place - woo-hoo! LNOL

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