February 18, 2009

Chronicles of the death of print, part XIII

Jonathan Miller spotted some ambivalence in Esquire magazine's obituary for the street cred of Facebook.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


That irony is pretty glancing. Esquire is a major mainstream magazine. That it has a big institutional relationship with Facebook is proof of the stated premise. Cf. Tropic Thunder's Oscar nom.

The weirdest bit is the implication that Facebook ever had 'street cred'. It has always been more like a gated suburban community (where you only talk to people that you already know) than a city street (where you might have to interact with strangers and folks different from you). This is not to deny it's popularity but just to say that everything does not emerge from a cycle of hipness.

I always take my cultural cues from the impossibly hip Esquire Magazine.

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