February 17, 2009

MSM hides truth about chimpification of America

Planet of the Apes 383 2-24-6.jpg Perhaps you've heard that a Buffalo, NY man named Muzzammil Hassan murdred his wife last week. If you have heard about this, it's not because a man murdering his wife is news -- hey, boys will be boys -- but because Hassan is the founder of a television network created to show Muslims in a more positive light. The TV network was a great first step. Not murdering your wife would have been a nice follow-up.

Naturally, the Defenders of the West have been quick to condemn the media for covering up this story, which they heard about in the media. The MSM, you see, is afraid to call this incident what it is: an Islamo-fascist honor killing. This "despite the fact that she was beheaded, a particularly hideous practice all but unthinkable to any but Islamic fundamentalists." Islamic fundamentalists with scary Islamic fundamentalist names like Raymond Tanner, John Kelly, Alofa Time, Alex Perez, Jean Pierre Orlewicz, Vincent Li, Haiyang Zhu, and, with just a tiny bit more follow-through on the swing, O.J. Simpson. (We're still checking into the religious background of Jason Vorhees.)

But all this attention is distracting from the real scandal. The media cover-up of al Qaida-trained chimps ripping the faces off of wholesome American women. Laugh it off now, but when the chimps impose their own law and the rest of us are second-class citizens with no testicles, you're going to beg for something as pleasant as a beheading.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Everybody's got something to hide, especially the media and my monkey.

good for these guys maybe

What I found interesting - nay, alarming - is that this chimp was adept at "logging on to the computer." WTF? Did I miss a memo about the latest strides in animal intelligence? The chimp was actually typing his username and password into the right fields in order to get to the sites he wanted?

Alternately, this could be the colloquial version, where people think "logging on to" a site sounds more impressive than just "going to" it - even though the two phrases mean something different - and in this case the reporter was using "log on" to mean "turn the computer power switch on." But I can't tell. I really can't. And that's scary.

Murdr is a crim.

... and these are the people Obama wants to dialog with?!?

it's not because a man murdering his wife is news -- hey, boys will be boys

Hey now, let's not be sexist. Women can legally murder their wives in a handful of states, too! Er, I mean illegally.

That's messed up. Chuck Heston should not have gone topless again after Ben-Hur.

Fortunately for this meme, Sean Delonas is there to perpetuate the conflation of chimp-shooting and human prejudice.

Again, though, it's galling that though Delonas, for all his (extreme) faults, does not use the word "monkey," Gawker and others are ascribing it to him. A chimp is not a monkey, it's an ape, remember? "Get your hands off me, you..."?

obama = chimp. that is why he wants to dialogue with these animals.

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