February 3, 2009

That's one journalistic cliché we can retire

1237505.jpg "As the Obamas make their ritual visit to the Bush White House, disagreement over an economic stimulus package could ruffle an otherwise smooth transition." —Nov. 10

"The flap over Mr. Brennan, who served as a chief of staff to George J. Tenet when he ran the C.I.A., was the biggest glitch so far in what has been an otherwise smooth transition for Mr. Obama." —Dec. 2

"Obama, speaking directly for the first time on the [Rod Blagojevich] scandal that has distracted from his otherwise smooth transition, said he was 'appalled' by the allegations." Dec. 11

"New Mexico governor Bill Richardson's withdrawal from consideration as Barack Obama's commerce secretary was the first hiccup in an otherwise smooth transition to power." —Jan. 5

"Aides to Mr. Obama conceded that they had mishandled the [Leon Panetta nomination] process, a significant stumble of his otherwise smooth transition." —Jan. 7

"The delay [in Timothy Geithner's confirmation] is the second significant speed bump in an otherwise smooth transition to power for Obama." —Jan. 14

[hat tip: Eric Effron]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It kind of makes you wonder what a rough transition would be like. Brawl in the Oval Office?

I just love Daschle's glasses!

"The assassination of the 16th president, who recently led the nation through a great civil war, was a significant hiccup in an otherwise smooth night at the theater . . ."

"Smooth"? When they really meant "slick"?

Great catch!

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