January 29, 2009

Let's just get this out of the way, shall we?


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Dude, be careful with this latest obsession or "Owns home computer" will become such a huge part of the Radosh mystique that you'll no longer be known as "that blogger who's obsessed with teenage-girl celebrities."

Hey, "obsessed" is a bit of a stretch.

No, wait — not "obsessed," "celebrities."

RADOSH MYSTIQUE! THANKS! (We were trying to think up a name for the band ...)

Perhaps establish formal naming conventions for young girl bands right here? That is heady stuff. Nevermind the conventions for the naming of ships or planets or for flora and fauna. Just think how important the formalized standards for naming such important nominal units could be!

If anyone can do it, this blog can. Dis blog gots da chops!

Although, it might be a timesink and of course there is that darn update of Movable Type that might get in the way.


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