January 22, 2009

Huh. I would've thought a Mexican newspaper would be too lazy to come up with this headline


To work, my black person!

Via Burro Hall.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Looks like this paper has it's own anti-caption contest except the winner gets it published on the cover.

For the inauguration itself: "Good thing there are plenty of black people here to see this."

ĦA trabajar, mi mulatto!

Wikipedia: "However, in Spanish-speaking countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay , negro (negra for females) is commonly used to refer to partners, close friends or people in general independent of skin color."

There was also a "Sanford and Son" episode where Lamont's latino friend used the term "negro".


@ about 2:20

all yall white niggas always say crap if yall would have gone to school yall couldve learne that "negro" in spanish is not bad. yall should learn to comprehend words and people before judging them.
yes i talking about u white person reading this right now.

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