January 12, 2009

Only one candidate has a stimulus package we can believe in


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Well, I've been thinking this for days now and afraid to mention it. But now I must: ?

Is this like my Vanina Ickx/Marianne Thieme thing or is she your new boss or something? Google does not yet provide brain states.

I admit that, in a comment responding to your inquiry about how to improve the blog, I suggested more pictures of Ms. Sklar. But the Obamicon, nuclear fire, melting face image is not really what I had in mind. The picture of her balloons was more like it - and I mean that in the most respectful sense toward Ms. Sklar. Keep trying.

Happy to see these other comments as I'd worried this series was somehow my fault. (And if my fears were accurate, I am so very, very sorry.)

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