January 8, 2009

Pop quiz

31705 dragon and merlin.jpgWhat do all the following words have in common?

dragon, knight, merlin, wizard, gandalf

muffin, coffee, apple, peaches

boobs, nipples, tits, bigtits

fuck, fucking, fuckyou, fuckme, fucker

startrek, voyager, ncc1701, starwars, thx1138, bond007, trustno1

batman, superman, iceman

rush2112, ou812, 8675309

flower, rainbow, iloveyou

master, mistress



Answer after the jump.

The 500 most common passwords.

But would you want to see the files of anyone who uses one of these?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Muffins and coffee seem okay - I assume you put them in there just to have variety. Years ago, before we had to include letters, numbers, capitals, lower-case, greek letters and wingdings in our passwords and change them every day, I used "pancakes", "waffles" and "sausage". I like breakfast, what can I say. But those are not on the list, so nasty hackers would need extra time to get in my computer.
I noticed that, on the list "magic" at 272 is right before "lakers" at 273. Too bad "johnson" is up the list at 252.
I also noted that "Michael" is the person most likely too dumb or too self-absorbed to think of a better pasword than his own name.

No. Not without permission, not without consent. And having had worked as a computer tech for a time, not without compensation.

I tend to make the mistake of incorporating my girlfriend's name /nickname into my password.

After one bad break up, I had to be reminded of that cheating whore every time I used the ATM machine.

I would've expected Joshua to be higher.

mypalmike - my ATM is the same sort of deal. Pissed every time I go.

I'm sensing a meet-cute here...

Either a meet-cute, or they both used to date bigtits.

Or both, I suppose.

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