December 31, 2008

The heart wants what it wants

Brendan Halpin on Rick Warren.

Intellectually, I understand this, and I can even appreciate it as good political strategy, and I understand that this middle finger raised to gays and lesbians and those who care about them may, in the long run, actually lead to a progressive coalition that will make life in this country for gays and lesbians better.

None of this changes the fact that it's wrong. Pandering to hatred is always wrong, denying people's humanity is wrong, and standing against love is wrong. It wasn't the intellectual appeal that got me to open my wallet; it was the fact that this campaign was able to overcome my cynicism and make me believe there was actually something different going on.

It will be very interesting to see how the crowd responds to Warren. Various actions are being floated: turning your back, singing We Shall Overcome (my favorite), but unfortunately nothing has coalesced yet, which makes me suspect we're in for a handful of boos, a larger handful of people booing the booers, and pundits commenting that The Gays have apparently decided to give Obama a pass... for now.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Where's the surprise? All Abrahamic superstition matrices proscribe same-gender coupling, under penalty of death by stoning or beheading or some such. B.O. spent the campaign emphasizing his membership in the Judeo-Christian death cult, stating his faith told him that marriage is between a man and a woman, as did Hillary. You know for both of them it was cynical as fuck.

Obama and his gender discordant partner are CFR connected, i.e., errand boys for the Rockefeller/JP Morgan Chase, etc. Federal Reserve private "banking" crime syndicate. He has stated that he intends to keep the perpetual, phony "war on terror" going, "pursuing Bin Laden" (CIA) and "pursuing the Taliban" (CIA) in Afghanistan and Pakistan. (He erroneously says POCKY-stahn and TOLLY-ban as if it somehow sounds more culturally sensitive to pronounce all vowels in non-English words as European long vowels. Pretentious dummy.)

Cute smile though. I'd hit it.

Wow, someone dumber than Rick Warren.

"Gender discordant"? And he talks about being pretentious.

If there's any booing at all, the pundits will say that it's the gays who are intolerant and won't listen. Why can't homos just be respectful to us, like we normals are to them?

By the way, JD, could you elaborate on your parenthetical about pronunciation? I always assumed POCKY-stahn was correct because every person I've met from Pakistan -- even those with perfect British or American accents -- pronounces it like that. Am I missing something? (To my knowledge, I've never met a member of the Taliban.)

Tone deaf people hear only the notes they are capable of hearing, and thereby reduce any melody to an esoteric variation on the theme of personal limitation. (And I don't mean that as a criticism.) In the interest of community harmony I could concede that an anonymous assertion based on nonspecific observations in undefined contexts trump my study, experience, observation and interpretation, but it would not make it true.

I presently do not live anywhere near Karachi, but my extended travels in that part of the world have revealed a wide variety of dialects and pronunciations among native speakers, all of them correct unto themselves, and none of them anywhere close to Barack Obama's bland concoctions.

Obama falls into the trap of the smooth faker: see a vowel in a foreign word? Pronounce it with a European long vowel sound, at least it'll seem like something foreign even if not correct. This practice ignores the fact that the Indo of the Indo-European languages are full of short and neutral vowel sounds as in English, as well as a surfeit of consonant sounds and subtleties of rhythm and lilt a monolingual American is unlikely to distinguish without study and practice. Ancient Sanskrit and modern American English share many cognates. Obama has not studied nor practiced Urdu nor any Sanskrit-based language, thus it would be preferable if he simply used commonly accepted standard American pronunciations.

One could say that Obama with his drawled, monotonous, presumptuous approximations is making up his own nonsensical language, except that his is a common affectation among those wishing to indicate a broad knowledge they do not possess. They end up trivializing cultures they want to appear to respect. It strikes me as a petty fraud as egregiously annoying as Hillbilly Hitler Bush peppering his faux-hick populist panderings with manglings like “eye-RACK."

@Kyle: we are all in the room together, so no need to pretend as if I'm not here. I pretend nothing. Decidely. Irony may appear to be pretense, but presented so everyone is in on the deception if they wannabe. In other words, irony is the lie that tells the truth.

Correction: "Decidedly" for "Decidely." I shall never forgive myself. To my dying day.

Oh shit and "trumps" for "trump." Aw fuck me and the horse I rode in on.

"fuck me and the horse I rode in on"

Santorum was right!

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