December 29, 2008

How I spent my Hanukkah (and why that's the right way to spell it)

There are still a few hours left till the sun sets on the last day of Hanukkah, so here are a few clips from the newest seasonal installments of Holy Dazed on The Jewish Channel.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Happy Hanukkah

Jews are so smart and cool. So how can they believe in that idiotic shit?

My Germanic heritage both (a) demands you kids find a single, absolute, correct way of spelling the fucker; and (b) hangs its head with humility and embarrassment over making such a demand.

Sklar's quite the cutie. Thought there were rules against that happening amongst text-based Internet peoples.

Only in New York can the supporters of a little known ethnic holiday ("little" compared to the rest of the world) insist on having the same attention as the world-wide and universally acknowledged celebration of the birth of the savior - Jesus Christ.

Ask anyone in East London, Manila, Bangkok, Delhi, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, or Coppenhagen about the Hanukkah and you'll get a blank stare.

Hanukkah is not a genius of marketing. Those who demand the same attention for it as Christmas haven't succeeded beyond the boundaries of New York City. Even in New York, people don't talk of a post-Hanukkah sale. They talk of post Christmas sales.

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