December 29, 2008

Why not a more timely response to the death of Catwoman?


I hadn't actually intended to disappear for a week without comment -- I even had my annual inappropriately sexy Christmas and Hanukkah photos all picked out -- but I was rushing to meet a deadline (failed!) and had to leave town and wifi without posting. During that dark period, I missed the opportunity to pay tribute to Eartha Kitt, so consider this that. Yeah, I missed Harold Pinter too, but I was never a fan. My chief association is sitting uncomfortably through a production of The Lover starring a college girlfriend. I suppose that's not Pinter's fault, exactly, but let's face it, these obits are always all about me anyway.

Anyway, I'm back now to see how 2008 ends. Let's see... Israel is killing Palestinian, virginity pledges don't work, and a party in Brownsville ended in gunfire. It's like I never even left.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


With all due respect to the late great Ms. Kitt, I always preferred Julie Newmar as Catwoman.

Welcome back, Daniel Radosh. Missed ur azz. And speaking of immortals, from "The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English":

Eartha Kitt; eartha
noun 1. faeces, an act of defecation; (as a plural) diarrhoea. Rhyming slang for shit, formed on the name of popular singer Eartha Kitt (b. 1928) UK 1992. 2. The female breast. Rhyming slang for tit. UK 2001.

I found this fascinating. Whoever thought diarrhea could be spelled like that!

The linked story on virginity pledges attributes an exquisite quote to Bill Albert, chief program officer for The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy:

"When pledgers fell off the wagon, they fell off hard."

There's been entropy.

@Milan. Ha! Can't believe I didn't catch that. Guess I'm still rusty from the break.

@Daniel: Rusty? If you say so. But you've definitely gone soft.

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