December 5, 2008

Stalin: Pol Pot totally ripped me off

Guitarist Satriani accuses Coldplay of plagiarism

The thing is, if this is true, it's hard to know who should be more embarrassed.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Stalin and Pol Pot calling the kettle beige -- you stole my "20th Century Genocidists for 100, Alex" reference, Daniel Radishes!

(By the way help me out here -- Coldplay is Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow, right?)

This party needs a Hitler... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUhFLiw6h6s

This guy has a good sense of humor and a great moustache, but I think Satriani has a stronger case.

The Creaky Boards song only tracks w/ Coldplay for one line, then goes off melody. Satriani, on the other hand -- it's the whole verse and core melody of the song.

I have a sentimental soft spot for shredders, so Daniel, don't hate on Satriani! (Though you did acknowledge he's got something.)

I don't really like either song, but the mashup is great!

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