November 26, 2008

You saw this coming

VintageThanksgivingGirl.jpg Baste My Turkey

Via The Pinup Blog

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Heterosexuality is bizarre.

In the past everything was sexualised, even healthfoods:

@TG--Oh my gosh--I own that! Paid a lot less for it, too.

I'm pretty sure it's a fake--not just a reproduction. I strongly suspect there never was such a company, product or label.

Heterosexuality is bizarre.
I actually have a few gay friends who just love the turkey girl! :D

Trout -- I wish! A hoax collectibles industry would be great. But http://articles.latimes.com/1998/dec/05/home/hm-50670

The one on the left -- is she queefing?

By "You saw this coming," are you making a declaration about the state I was in upon seeing it?

If so, spot on!

(The Elvgrenesque one, that is - not that hideously rendered tranny in the second one. Yiii.)

Actually, I was expecting the Clique Girlz.

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