November 21, 2008

The scent of Obama


Perfume (or maybe cologne) spotted in a store on 6th Avenue and 30th Street in Manhattan. Where's my Joe Biden aftershave lotion?

Not an entirely original idea.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Dude smokes; means he smells like a cross between a campfire and dogshit.

Ah the sweet smell of electoral success.

There's another one called "bailout" that does little to cover a foul funk. It evaporates immediately, leaving one simultaneously poorer and wondering where it went and what good it did.

It's similar to "addiction", but without the initial rush.

Dolce and Obama?

Dude smokes; means he smells rich, flavorful and refreshing.

I fixed it for you, J.D.

This was tried in 1968 with the ill-fated scent "Edmund Musk".

Anonymous, since you feel like that I have some piss water with lumpy craap that you should enjoy drinking.

JD had it right

JD - Sure, the rugged manly scent of mesquite and self-reliance combined with the homely, reassuring scent of strawberry hound cake. I'm assuming there is such a thing as a strawberry hound and that its poo smells like fresh-baked apple pie because otherwise your comment makes no sense.

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