November 18, 2008

Oh great, another crazy bailout

An old Spy acquaintance of mine, Ellis Weiner, has co-written what looks like a very important new book, How to Profit From the Coming Rapture: Getting Ahead When You're Left Behind. On his blog Late for the Sky, anticaptionista JohnnyB is giving away three copies in a Rapture-themed contest that should be right up your alley. Go to it.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Thanks for the link! The book really is well done and funny.

I'm sure that book and that contest are excellent. But I've been waiting impatiently for a different Rapture-Ready-ready controversy to be addressed here - you know, the serious journalistic question Is Obama the Antichrist?

I only bring it up here because I saw what I thought was the domain for your book in the lede but then realized it was some poseur's site instead.

I could almost believe the whole article is intended as self-parody. Many have already pointed out the writer's baldly saying "The people who believe Obama is the Antichrist are perhaps jumping to conclusions, but they're not nuts" - but there are other gems, like "Ever since Jesus Christ was crucified and, according to the Gospels, rose again in glory..." Wait, so Ms. Miller, the first part of your sentence is not sourced to the Gospels, but rather is to be taken as journalistic fact? That Jesus Christ was crucified? Really.

All right, I'll stop there. But I really had expected more from you, Rapture Radosh.

The Antichrist does not play basketball, silly!

See, that's exactly what the Antichrist wants you to think. On the contrary, it's his uncanny ability to sink 3-pointers that has made everyone the most suspicious.

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