November 14, 2008

Signs you're living in too small a bubble...

You start to say things like, "I tend to think that after the world has forgotten Jeff Jarvis, it will still remember Ron Rosenbaum."

I mean, damn, we'll have to wait centuries to confirm that prediction.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


OK, yes that's funny, but can I be humorless for a second? I'm getting fed up with the "x doesn't deserve attention because he/she doesn't actually produce anything" trope, where x usually equals Paris Hilton.

In this case, Rosenbaum actually wrote a book that was nothing but a survey of the literature on Hitler. Don't get me wrong, I have a copy and look forward to reading it, but that's not exactly what I call "actually making" something. Let's judge this argument on merits, not on some supposed standard of authenticity.

"...so she says 'you're as romantic as a chicken with it's head cut off off' and so i says 'oh, yeah, well you just lie there during sex like a decapitated bird with its legs spread open'"

Wait, is that another thing you say when you're living in too small a bubble?

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