October 25, 2008

And for an hour and a half, Huckapoo was the most popular band in America


Have you ever had one of those days where you think, No one's coming over, I don't need to shave, or put on clean underwear, or any pants — and then you get downstairs and there's a surprise party where the guests are 400,000 highly judgmental strangers?

As some of you noticed, this afternoon from about 4:00 to 5:30, the entire front page of Gawker was filled with posts from Radosh.net. Recent posts. You know, the ones where I've been pretty much not even trying. Judging by comments, this was not a welcome development. Frankly, I was as upset as any Gawker commenter, though less prone to using words like "cockmaster" and "douchetastic." Have I really spent the last week writing about Wonder Woman and vampires? What a fucking geek.

What happened was this: A couple of years ago Nick Denton set up a way for me to crosspost on Gawker, a tool I have used roughly never. With great power comes great responsibility, and if I wanted to behave responsibly, I wouldn't be writing a blog for 40 people. So today something went wrong with the system — on Gawker's end, I'd like to stress — and I had my Tim Kastelein moment.

In an ideal situation, I'd come out this mishap determined to craft every post with the utmost care and quality, as if it might suddenly appear on Gawker. But that's not really gonna happen, as you can probably tell from this post.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Chin up, Daniel! Your straight-talk about Huckapoo and Wonder Woman are perfectly acceptable in the Unites States of America. You have emerged from this experience with your honor intact, your integrity untarnished and even if you've been palling around with those unsavory types on Gawker, we won't hold it against you.

Gawker could only benefit. Your self deprecation is an ironic pose I hope. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I have several friends who are Wonder Woman fans -- some pre-op, some post-op.

Ah; give ear, be rapt, absorb; interpret. To quote the Glorious DNI:

"Analysts routinely shall seek appropriate opportunities to engage openly with outside
experts, especially those with unique knowledge, experience, contacts, or nontraditional views."

You do take yourself seriously, sometimes, don't you, Daniel?

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