October 22, 2008

Good things

So how's the fall TV season treating you? The only show that really has me excited is True Blood, which I wasn't expecting since Six Feet Under always rubbed me the wrong way and I only liked American Beauty despite the script.

Also, True Blood outdoes The Wire for best theme song and opening credits.

That's Bad Things by Jace Everett. No, I hadn't heard of him either. Of course Life On Mars has a great theme song, but I'm not sure that counts, especially since you only get to hear about two seconds of it. I'm enjoying that show too, although I find the "crime of the week" aspect a bit cheesy. I wish they'd focus more on the bigger picture.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Interesting premise, although I'm a little disappointed with the choice of Bill as the Vampire. The pitch was simple, "Twin peaks meets Interview with vampire".

And they did play much of Life on Mars in the premier of the "Mars" show [to my delight - loved the scene of the twin towers. Gut wrenching]. Excellent choices for background music as well and another interesting premise - I wonder, assuming it is in his head, whether there's temptation to take on a bit of risk (by the character)... take a chance on a big-score victimless crime, retire to the islands and wait to be revived... Test the bounds of reality ala Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

I havenít seen any new Dirty, Sexy, Money, but I did very much enjoy the first season. And the comedy of the election season is not failing to disappoint.

I quite like Bill. Sookie's reaction when she learned his name was priceless. I really like Sookie, though. And Tara. And Jason. And that it's such a character-driven show.

Yeah, the WTC scene in the first ep. of LOM was well done, even if you saw it coming from the opening shot of the 2008 skyline. I assume we will see him testing the bounds, but I'm not sure we *can* assume it's all in his head. From what I read, they greatly expanded on the possibilities from the original British series -- which I never watched all the way through. So far I like the US version better. It's got a bit of a lighter touch, though I question whether the Village in 1973 really looked like a Hollywood soundstage with extras in hippie costumes.

I'm agnostic on DSM. I enjoyed what I saw of season 1, and have thought about trying it again, though it sounds like it's on the chopping block.

Heroes is way improved over S2 (which I also gave up on) and the writing is significantly better than S1, which I thought was a bit hacky, despite its charms.

Still haven't watched My Own Worst Enemy. Worth a look?

A scantily clad ass with William Sanderson written over it? Sign me up!

I once saw part of an episode of the LOM-UK and didn't know what it was and it really freaked me out. I miss the New American Way of Television but I do loves the panel quizzes.

i love this show. such a great mix of funny and hot. and yup, set me to googling jace everett too.

fun fact: do you remember that phenomenal production of The Tempest on bway about a decade ago? it featured carrie preston (the redheaded waitress who fretted about how sookie would nurse a vampire baby) as miranda and aunjanue ellis (gold-lame-loving bodacious afro'd vampire bitch) as ariel. both looking way diff than they do in this show. duh.

also, god hates fangs. GOD HATES FANGS!

Anna Paquin was the talent to note, in The Piano. In X-Men, she rocked. I've watched Flyaway Home, many times. She carried HBO's, "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. She connects with every role I have ever seen her in.

I am similarly impressed with Paquin's anything-but-camp, penetrating role in, "True Blood".

Cleary O/T, but Daniel, did you miss that "Hearst to Close CosmoGirl Magazine"?

So far, my favorite scene in True Blood was Billís recounting of his day on the Civil War battlefield. This reminded me very much of Foxís New Amsterdam, and also of that Twilight Zone episode where a man is centuries old but never ages, and is ultimately caught by his friend who finds a 100 year-old photo of the man in a Civil War regiment. Iíve always found the concept of immortality/frozen in time while everyone else progresses interesting, and True Blood presents it well.

As for Life On Mars, I actually thought the characters were more compelling in the British version, especially Sam, Gene Hunt, and Annie.

Life on Mars is a lot of fun, though the Brit original was superior, IMHO. Props to Harvey Keitel, but Deborah is right, Gene Hunt was way more compelling (and funny) as portrayed in the UK original.

As for the "crime of the week" aspect of the show, I think it's part of the fun, especially so in the American version. In the U.S. show, the mystery about Sam's status (in a coma? time-travelling?) isn't so narrowly defined as it was in the original. I think I read somewhere that one of the possibilities being presented by the current writers is that Sam has ended up not just in the 70's, but in a 70's cop show. That makes the central premise of the show less dramatically gripping, but it does open up a (much more fruitful, in the American context) vein of nostalgia to be mined. In the end, although I may care less about Sam's predicament in this version than I did in the UK version, it will be fun to watch him tour the landscape formerly populated by Baretta, Starsky and Hutch and the like.

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