October 21, 2008

Lowering the bar

Headline of the day: McCain Still Lives

Really, it's a new argument every day with this campaign.

Posted by Daniel Radosh



Just wondering. No anti-cap winner from last week?

What up wit dat?

You noticed, huh?

Hey, what was your role in last week's This American Life? Catching up on back ep's via podcast and heard your name on the "Special thanks to..." list.

@Arnold. I have no idea! I heard that too and was mystified.

Also, Ira pronounced my name wrong.

Called you 'Danielle,' huh? Probably because of that pink shirt.

Hey, as long as we're being off topic, let's all go laugh at this, with the Obama and the Christians and the Kenyan witch doctors...

@Jared. Hadn't seen that, but I've been bringing up Sarah Palin and the spiritual warfare issue at my recent talks. This is stuff she really needs to be asked about. To my mind it would say much more about her than any End Times stuff. (For more information, see chapter 6 of Rapture Ready! In stores now.)

The McCain campaign is sad and angry.

Joe Six-Pack has been replaced by Sarah Six-Figure Wardrobe.

I don't get why the Kenyan witch doctors are getting up at 3 in the morning. Is there some quota of attention that Satan and Jesus will spare, and by 6:30 it's all used up? Is it tied to that 3 a.m. phone call? Or... were they the ones who planted that in Hillary's head? Or is it because 3 a.m. there is the beginning of network prime time here? I guess I just don't understand global witch-doctoring all that well.

They need to complete their calls before sunrise to get nighttime rates.

Also, sunlight burns them.

I was wondering why McCain, who is 72, seems less sharp than he used to be. It must be the voodoo-woven lazy 8's around his head.

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