October 16, 2008

Can I call ya Joe?

It appears there's a chance Joe the Plumber will be purged from the voter rolls, thanks to aggressive GOP challenges.

That's just one of the things that's turned up in the frenzy of ex post facto vetting. Not what Jonathan Martin meant when he called Joe the new Palin, but if the shoe fits. Of course, Palin signed on to the McCain campaign. All Joe did was go to a rally and ask a question.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Ha! Brilliant headline. Where do you get your ideas?

Aggressive GOP challenges!? That's the story of the election.

1) Fire up the base
2) Trash opponent
3) Make uncommitteds "sick of it all" and disinclined to vote
4) Employ every slimy tactic imaginable to keep Democratic numbers down

Republicans expect to lose the Presidency but will try everything they can to reduce turnout for the Democrats in Senate and House, to limit the damage.

Fox News, Limabugh etc will stir the hate just to keep the "base" agitated before and after the election. (If Obama unites America, who watches right-wing trash after that?)

According to the linked Talking Points memo, election officials cannot actually purged people from voter roles this close to an election. It is possible to challenge their votes locally, but even then, again according to the linked article:
"...it appears unlikely that large numbers of challenges will result from the ruling. The Ohio Secretary of State has the power to set a uniform standard for what counties should do when confronted with a mismatch, according to Carrie Davis, a lawyer with the ACLU. And Brunner -- like officials in 46 other states, say experts -- has consistently said that a simple mismatch is not grounds for knocking voters off the rolls. "

joe the plant

He didn't go to a rally. Obama knocked on his door.

Correction: He was in his front yard when Obama came through the neighborhood knocking on doors, so maybe Obama didn't have to knock on his door. Obviously this was all a nefarious plot.

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